School of Business and Economics

Entrepreneurship Concentration

Are you a motivated management major? Check out what the entrepreneurship concentration has to offer.

What Is Entrepreneurship?

Fundamentally, entrepreneurship is about identifying business opportunities and then taking action. You could start a new venture as a student, or work in the industry after graduation for a while to gain some experience and garner the necessary resources to start your own business. You might choose to work for a company and set yourself apart by going above and beyond your defined role, searching and acting upon opportunities that would help the business run more efficiently, make higher profits, or enter into new markets.

No matter which path you choose, we will provide you with the training to pursue your passions and lead the pack.

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What to Expect

Take advantage of opportunities offered through the entrepreneurship concentration:

  • Engage in experiential learning.
  • Learn how to identify opportunities and do something about it.
  • Create new businesses around your identified opportunities.
  • Work closely with real entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, and CEOs.
  • Lead the efforts behind commercializing technology innovations at Michigan Tech.