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Business Analytics BS

Take Charge With Business Analytics

Businesses generate massive amounts of structured transactional data and unstructured big data. In order to be competitive, organizations must analyze data to optimize decision-making, better use resources, and create new and sustainable revenue streams.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics provides students with business domain knowledge plus mathematical and statistical knowledge to prepare for careers in analytics. You will learn to use mathematics and statistics to lead data-driven decision-making; leverage data-mining tools to answer critical business questions; and build predictive models to grow revenue and optimize retention for the companies tomorrow needs. You will study predictive modeling, econometrics, database management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistical programming. Learn to analyze and solve real-world problems as part of your coursework.

"Business analytics helped me think about data in a data analyst perspective and better understand my coworkers who are programming the data for me."Ella Faulk  '22

Tomorrow Needs Leading-Edge Analytics Professionals

High-tech enterprises are critically dependent upon data and analytical software to gain a competitive advantage or to just keep up with the competition. The dependency exists across all functions: engineering, operations, logistics, finance, marketing, and human resources. They require workers adept at:
• collecting, managing, and describing data
• developing hypothesis, insights and predictions from data, and
• making optimal, data-driven decisions.

Learn more about Business Analytics, what it is and the job potential.

  • 13+%
    Business Analytics Projected
    Job Growth, 2020-30
  • 300,000
    Business Analytics Projected Jobs,

Michigan Tech instructors have decades of real-world experience.

"Professor Jun Min took the time to get to know us and really poured into me as a student, which led to me placing second in the Bob Mark Business Model Competition two years in a row! He has so much industry experience--it was incredible to learn from him!"Ella Faulk  '22
  • $82,360

    Average Starting Salary

    Operations Research Analyst

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    of the 100 Best Jobs

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The BS in Business Analytics at Michigan Tech consists of a set of core courses, a set of technical electives, a set of business domain electives, and business analytics focused electives in mathematics and business. By leveraging the curriculum in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and College of Business, the degree will prepare students better than other business analytics degrees that focus on one area to the exclusion of the other. The synergies incorporated in the development of this interdisciplinary degree deliberately encourage students to expand their knowledge in unique combinations and to carefully tailor their study to their career goals. See the list of courses offered for the Business Analytics major.

Learning Goals

Upon completion of the Business Analytics program, students will be able to:

  1. Construct analytical arguments to solve business problems and evaluate the validity of those arguments
  2. Effectively translate between business ideas and analytical models
  3. Model and analyze business data to inform data-driven decision making 
  4. Apply appropriate analytical techniques to data in order to answer business questions