College of Business

Tutoring Sessions

To provide support and promote student success, the Sam B. Tidwell Learning Center offers tutoring for College of Business classes. Tutors are available throughout the week (see schedule below) as well as by appointment.

Tutors for Spring 2020


Tutor for

Days Available


Vongdalone Vongsikeo
EC 2001

Monday: 1-3pm

Wednesday: 1-3pm

Friday: 1-3pm

AOB Room G022
Tomisin Akinbo

EC 2001
EC 3400

Monday: 10-11am and 2-3pm

Tuesday: Noon-2pm

Wednesday: 10-11am and 3:30-4:30pm

Thursday: Noon-2pm

AOB Room G022

Jennifer Carolan

ACC 2000

ACC 2100

Tuesday: 2:30-5pm

Thursday: 2:30-5pm

AOB Room G010D

 Joe Platz

ACC 2000

ACC 2100

Monday: 3:30-6pm

Wednesday: 3:30-6pm

AOB Room G010D