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Technology is shaping our lives faster than ever before. By offering nine accredited undergraduate degree options, Michigan Tech's College of Business provides real-world experiences steeped in science, technology, engineering, and math to prepare the future business leaders of tomorrow.

Not sure which one of our undergraduate majors is right for you? No pressure. Many college students would like more time to explore possible career paths before choosing a major. The general business option gives students up to three semesters to explore business majors before making a decision. Our core curriculum gives Huskies a taste of all business disciplines, so they can better determine and pursue their interests and passions. Enroll in our general business program without fear of falling behind or delaying graduation. Our undergraduate academic advisor will help you find the best major for your skills and interests.

Want to explore more? Our Business Major Finder may give you a good place to start. This quick assessment plays off your skills and strengths to find an area in business or economics that's in line with your passions and personality.

  • $6.15M
    total scholarships and grants awarded to undergraduate business students
  • 90%
    job placement rate in the College of Business
  • Top 3
    Michigan Tech business students place highly at CMU's New Venture Competition
"Resources and one-to-one attention make us small enough to care and large enough to lead."Jodie Filpus-Paakola, Coordinator of Academic Services

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"I've had only positive experience with the professors in the College of Business and the classes are just so much fun."Emma Melchiori, undergraduate, general business option

Why Accreditation Matters

As an accredited business college, Michigan Tech assesses student learning to ensure quality for business education and to continuously improve curriculum and programs.

Student Learning Goals

Students in the College of Business can expect to achieve the following learning goals—which also align with University Undergraduate Student Learning Goals:

  1. Technical Competence—Ability to critically analyze and achieve proficiency of information technology
  2. Global Awareness—Skill in emerging trends and ability to see global perspective
  3. Professional Know-how—Mastery of ethics and effective communication through coursework and professional business experiences
  4. Disciplinary Knowledge—Discipline-specific expertise and cross-discipline strategy

AACSB Accredited

STEM + Business, Only at Michigan Tech

Technology is shaping our lives faster than ever before. Michigan Tech's College of Business provides real-world graduate education experiences steeped in STEM to prepare the future business leaders of tomorrow.

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Supercharge your entrepreneurial spirit and meet the demands of a technology-driven society at a flagship public research university powered by science, technology, engineering, and math. Graduate with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to succeed in tomorrow's high-tech business world.

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