Michigan Tech Value

Michigan Tech Value

Sending your son or daughter to college is a huge decision and an investment in his or her future. Whether you’re footing the bill or helping out as much as you can, we know the return on your investment is part of the college decision process.

At Michigan Tech, we believe the education, experiences, and opportunities available to your student are second-to-none. From building relationships with faculty and other students to taking on a traditional co-op experience or immersive international experience, your student can build his or her résumé to stand apart from others.


Our starting salaries are ranked the tenth highest in the nation among public universities with an average of $61,600, and 96 percent of our undergraduate students have jobs in their chosen field, enroll in graduate school, or are commissioned in the military within six months of graduation. With close to 400 companies visiting campus annually offering over 5,000 interview slots to our students, endless opportunities await.


Whether it’s academic advising, counseling, individualized faculty instruction, or career guidance, our students get personalized service everywhere they go.

Classroom Instruction

Over 94 percent of Michigan Tech courses are taught by professors. Starting in the first year, your student will learn from experts in their field and interact with faculty members during classroom discussion, open office hours, and conversations on campus and in the community.


Our programs are consistently ranked among the top in the nation, and we’ve been hailed by the Princeton Review as a “tech powerhouse.” Our Enterprise Program offers unmatched opportunities for students to work on interdisciplinary teams solving real-world problems for real companies. Here, undergraduate students commonly work alongside professors on research projects, often co-authoring papers and presenting at national conferences.


Co-ops, internships, study abroad, undergraduate research, Honors Institute, leadership . . . Michigan Tech students have access to it all. And they take advantage of it—connections to experiences like these are just one benefit of knowing professors, faculty, and staff on a first-name basis.

Quality of Life

Making friends happens quickly at Michigan Tech. Your student will not only find a great circle of friends with shared interests and ambitions, he or she will feel safe here as well: 97 percent of our students report feeling safe on campus.