Mining Engineering

Explore. Develop. Extract. Process.

Mining engineers apply science and technology to the sustainable extraction of minerals from the earth. They may manage any phase of mining operations, from exploration and discovery to mine design and operation, or work as design engineers or environmental health and safety managers. Be a part of the mining industry of tomorrow, bringing resources to the surface more safely, sustainably, and productively.

Harness deep historical knowledge and the latest technological advances. Study at a leading public research University in the Keweenaw Peninsula's Copper Country, home to the copper mining boom that predates the Gold Rush—the mines, and their artifacts, are your classroom.

Design layouts for surface and underground mines. Prepare mine plans and production sequences. Select and schedule equipment. Design blast patterns for rock fragmentation and excavation, and ventilation plans for underground mines. Make innovative decisions in challenging environmental and market conditions. Work in state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to mining simulation and optimization, engineering geology, geomechanics, petrophysics, geochemistry, and environmental science. Secure internships at local, active mines and be prepared for a career in the mining industry of tomorrow.

"I've always had an interest in mining. The opportunities the field has to offer are appealing and the work involved seemed like something I would actually enjoy doing. With several internships under my belt now, I'm confident I chose the right path."Shawn vanDoorn, Mining Engineering

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