Environmental Data Science

Explore data-driven sustainability solutions.

Emerging technologies in ecological and environmental data collection have created a growing need for skilled professionals who can interpret field data and unlock data-driven solutions for our planet. Combine your love of nature and numbers and become part of the next generation of leading environmental data scientists.

In the environmental data science program, you'll dive into the biophysical sciences and learn cutting-edge computational methods for visualizing, managing, and understanding environmental data. Inclusion and accessibility are core values for this program, emphasizing the need for a wide range of perspectives, creativity, and intelligence to effectively address both current and future environmental challenges. You'll graduate prepared to work in the private sector, government agencies, or as an entrepreneur.

Gain a strong foundation in ecological science, computer science, and math. Gain interdisciplinary knowledge from expert faculty in the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, the College of Computing, and the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Explore climate change, statistical analysis, geospatial data, or genetic applications. Choose a specialization in one of four tracks: global change science, environmental statistics, geospatial information science, or genetic applications in data science. You can also earn a master's in one additional year through the Accelerated Master's program.

"As an environmental data scientist, the time I spent outside in field labs and courses is a critical part of my understanding of what environmental data and models mean and how to use them to make better decisions. Tech's program is well equipped for this kind of training."Nan Pond '12, PhD Forest Biometrics/Silviculture

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