Construction Management

Estimate, bid, and schedule. You’re in charge.

A degree in construction management prepares you to take charge of building projects, from industrial buildings and roads to homes and hospitals. You’ll focus on building and commercial construction while learning the basics of surveying, utility systems, construction, materials, and sustainable building practices to meet your clients’ needs and help conserve scarce resources.

Experience counts—work on real projects through internships and co-ops. Work in the trades as part of your summer job. Learn on top industry software, such as Revit 3D Architectural Design. Partner with the Houghton County Energy Team to compete in the Georgetown University Energy Prize—a five million dollar award to the community that sees the greatest reduction in energy costs during the two year competition. Choose a focus area in commercial, heavy civil, industrial, or residential construction. With a degree in construction management from Michigan Tech, you'll be ready for a fast-paced career with a $60,000+ average starting salary.

"In my senior project, the professor pushed me and my group to complete things—like bids and designs—in short time periods just like in the real world of construction." Joe Turpinen, Alumnus

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