Computer Network and System Administration

Design and maintain networks. Fend off hackers.

Tomorrow needs security. As a CNSA major, you’ll learn to build and troubleshoot computer networks, manage massive databases and storage systems, and work with industry-standard operating systems—all with an eye toward the security, privacy, and safety of people, businesses, and facilities.

Enjoy 24-hour access to the computer network lab and the virtual cluster. Learn network architecture, system management, programming languages, and communication protocols. Provide infrastructure and IT services for real clients in the IT Oxygen Enterprise. Play hack-and-defend “capture the flag” in class and in national competitions through Red Team (our cybersecurity student group). Choose one of three technical emphasis areas to customize your degree: cybersecurity, IT management, or network engineering. With a degree in CNSA from Michigan Tech, you'll graduate ready to work in some of today’s most challenging and exciting careers: computer network design, administration, and security.

Want to accelerate your career? You can do that, too—earn a master's degree in cybersecurity or health informatics in just one extra year with our Accelerated Master's program.

"My colleagues are consistently impressed with all of my background knowledge and my ability to hit the ground running. After working in the field, it’s obvious to me that the CNSA program is light years ahead of most schools." Matthew Wilson, Alumnus and Information Security Specialist

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