Research, teach, and communicate history.

Anthropology is the study of people—what it means to be human, how we communicate, origins of cultures, comparing cultures and histories, and historical and environmental factors influencing behavior and worldviews. This discipline includes archaeology and cultural anthropology (the department’s specialty areas), as well as physical anthropology and linguistics.

Conduct archaeological surveys. Go out in the field. Delve into digital time travel. Use Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote-sensing imagery, and ground-penetrating radar to find artifacts. Work with faculty mentors to research the early history of mining in the Copper Country. Partner with students in civil engineering to explore the renovation of the 1880’s fire hall that was Michigan Tech’s first classroom. Collaborate with local tribal organizations to develop language revitalization programs among Native Americans. At Michigan Tech, you'll explore global human culture from the shores of Lake Superior, surrounded by ancient and industrial copper mining history.

"Anthropology at Michigan Tech provided me with experiences to get my hands dirty—from conducting multiple archaeology digs in the Keweenaw to spending a summer studying in England and traveling Europe."Austin Feys, Anthropology

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Anthropology Major at Michigan Tech

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