All Registered Student Organizations must follow the guidelines set forth in the RSO Travel Policy and complete an RSO Travel Policy Form and an RSO Travel Itinerary Form in order to travel on behalf of their organization. Below, you will find a helpful timeline, information on the use of Husky Motors, and rules pertaining to travel in personal vehicles. 

RSO Travel Planning TImeline

Husky Motors Vehicle Rental

Registered Student Organizations are given the ability to rent vehicles from the University. RSOs must:

The use of any University vehicle is restricted to the conduct of official University business. If a student organization uses a university vehicle, the auto insurance is provided by Michigan Tech.

Due to MTU Health and Safety Levels Protocol, all university travel requirements set forth by MTU Flex must be adhered to.

Visit Husky Motors for more information including rates, restrictions, and Travel FAQs.

Travel By Personal Vehicle

RSO members traveling in personal vehicles are subject to the insurance limits carried by the car owner’s auto insurance. The individual driver is responsible for the insurance coverage and the University does not provide any coverage for vehicles not owned by the University.