Transitions between outgoing and incoming executive boards are crucial to maintain organizational consistency. In order to facilitate easy transition officers should start, maintain, and update a living set of documents. This can be created in the form of a binder or digitally in a google team drive. Here is a helpful list of what you should include.

Before the newly-elected officers of your organization officially assume their responsibilities, it is recommended for the old and new officers to get together for a “transition meeting.” This meeting can be conducted in person or digitally in order to allow the new officers to learn from the experience of the outgoing officers. Officer continuity is a key to growth for your organization and having a casual, open atmosphere is encouraged. This type of meeting allows for honest evaluation of the accomplishments and problems of the previous year.

Presidents are required to fill out our E-Board Position Update Form when officer transition happens. All new officers are required to complete online training before the changes are reflected on your roster. Information will be shared with officers via email once the form is completed.

Below you will find a host of resources to guide your transition.

Group Transition Meeting Agenda

Officer 1-1 Transition Meeting Handout

Outgoing Officer Manual

Incoming Officer Manual

Officer Retreat Planning Guide

Transition Goal Setting Guide