Transitions between outgoing and incoming executive boards are crucial to maintain organizational consistency. In order to facilitate easy transition officers should start, maintain, and update a living set of documents. This can be created in the form of a binder or digitally in a google team drive. Here is a helpful list of what you should include.

Before the newly-elected officers of your organization officially assume their responsibilities, it is recommended for the old and new officers to get together for a “transition meeting.” This meeting can be conducted in person or digitally in order to allow the new officers to learn from the experience of the outgoing officers. Officer continuity is a key to growth for your organization and having a casual, open atmosphere is encouraged. This type of meeting allows for honest evaluation of the accomplishments and problems of the previous year

Below you will find a host of resources to guide your transition.

Group Transition Meeting Agenda

Officer 1-1 Transition Meeting Handout

Outgoing Officer Manual

Incoming Officer Manual

Officer Retreat Planning Guide

Transition Goal Setting Guide