One of the most important responsibilities University employees have in their jobs is to stay up-to-date with training. This page will serve as a repository of Research-related training sessions, providing Michigan Tech employees a convenient, one-stop-shop for training presentations and their associated educational handouts. Additional training sessions will be added as they are presented to the campus community.

New Investigators

New Faculty Orientation

Explore the basics of research at Michigan Tech: internal funding, proposals and awards, graduate programs, partnerships, accounting and reporting, intellectual property, ethics, security, and publicity and promotion.


Applying for Grants and Contracts

Finding Funding

Learn about how to plan for funding, corporate partnerships, foundation and corporate relations, searching for funding with Grant Forward, and different funding opportunities.

Pre-Award Workshop

Designed to help attendees make sense of the award process, provide familiarity with internal forms, understand budgeting, gain awareness of cost sharing and matches, and explain the roles and responsibilities of different University groups.

Cost Share Workshop

Training covering many aspects of the cost-share program, including commitment at the proposal stage, management at the award stage, samples of budget, cost-share forms, and transmittal, and helpful hints for dealing with cost share.


Regulatory Requirements

Export Control and National Security

Find out more about intellectual property, research data, proprietary materials, and national security—and your role in controlling their dissemination.


Conducting Research Responsibly


Covers core confidentiality issues, including balancing the spread of knowledge with security and safety, the Freedom of Information Act, nondisclosure, intellectual property, and research contracts.

Intellectual Property

Investigate issues related to intellectual property in research, including relevant laws, policies, and rationale for University rules, and the basics of patenting, commercialization, and patent licensing.


Managing Awards

Post-Award Workshop

This workshop includes an organizational overview and covers the project payroll certification document (PPCD), the post-award process, and institutional research and development.

Project Payroll Certification Document Process

Learn the basics of the Project Payroll Certification Document process, including salary and wage reports, reallocations, and closeout.

Reading Accounting Statements

Covers how to read and understand different accounting statements that researchers encounter on a monthly basis, and provides resources for researchers.