Shared Facilities

Shared facilities provide the University with critical resources. They support interdisciplinary and guest research by providing access to shared equipment and tools. University facilities are able to apply for funds to cover costs associated with research facilities, such as replacing and maintaining equipment. Shared facilities may charge use fees related to a specific piece of equipment in accordance with University policy 2.01 Special Fees and Use Charges.

Note - Per policy 2.01, a Specialized Service Facility is a unit that provides a service which typically requires the use of highly complex or specialized facilities or equipment and generates annual revenue from use fees in excess of $1 million. Currently, none of the University's shared facilities meet the Specialized Service Facility criteria.

Our Current Shared Facilities

Michigan Technological University’s shared facilities are an invaluable asset, and the list of recognized facilities will continue to grow.

Read more about each of our current shared facilities below.

Advanced Power Systems Research Center

APSRC. Home to internal combustion engine test beds and dynamometers for powertrain research and educational purposes.

Contact: Jeremy Worm

Applied Chemical and Morphological Analysis Laboratory

ACMAL. Houses an extensive array of electron microanalytical and X-ray instruments.

Contact: Elizabeth Miller

Photo of the GRF LabGeospatial Research Facility

A resource for advanced GIS research and tools and a repository of geospatial data for the Michigan Tech community.

Contact: Donald Lafreniere

Microfabrication Facility

A resource for micro- and nano-scaled research and development of solid state electronics, micro electro mechanical systems, and microsystems materials and devices.

Contact: Paul Bergstrom

Marine Research Assets

A hub of marine resources, including a fleet of research vessels, subsurface vehicles, buoys, and other marine technology.

Contact: Andrew Barnard

Microanalytical Facility

The MAF Laboratories provide molecular analyses for environmental, biomedical, health, and materials research and hands-on training in trace analytic chemistry.


Contact: Andrew Burton

High Performance Computing Facility

A resource for high throughput and high performance research and education computing needs within the Michigan Tech community.

Contact: Gowtham

Shared Facilities Application Process

Authorization and recognition as a shared facility is required in order to access shared facility and equipment support funds. To learn how to earn shared facility status, read about the shared facilities application.