Post-Award Management

Note: Internal Awards have their own processes and requirements. Internal Research Accounts are monitored through the Sponsored Programs Accounting office. 

External Awards

The Sponsored Programs Office will receive official notification that a proposal has been funded. Here are the steps that will take place (you can also see the award process flowchart).

  1. The principal investigator communicates with staff from the Sponsored Programs Office to review and approve the terms and conditions of the award. 
  2. The Sponsored Programs Office staff processes the award documents.
  3. A Michigan Tech officer reviews and signs the documents.
  4. The Sponsored Programs Office staff notifies the PI, Sponsored Programs Accounting, and the sponsor that the University has accepted and authorized the award.
  5. Sponsored Programs Accounting assigns an index number or numbers to use in charging expenses to the project (payroll, supplies, services, travel, etc).  The principal investigator and academic department coordinator will receive an e-mail with the index number and a budget arranged by account code.