American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Funding

As a recipient of over $13 million of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding, Michigan Technological University is excited to be involved in this opportunity to advance research. These funds will enable our researchers to forge ahead with exploration into new technologies which will impact not only Michigan Tech but also the nation. Job creation and retention is a critical component to the future of our nation, and we are optimistic about the opportunities that will spring forth from our efforts. We are scientific and engineering visionaries, eager to be a part of the revitalization of our country and the world.


Name Department
Ryan Gilbert Biomedical Engineering
Joseph Holles Chemical Engineering
David Shonnard Chemical Engineering
Qingli Dai Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kurtis Paterson Civil and Environmental Engineering
Zhanping You Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bradley Baltensperger Cognitive and Learning Sciences
Chaoli Wang Computer Science
Wayne Weaver Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jason Carter Exercise Science Health and Physical Education 
Alex Mayer Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
Russell Alger Keweenaw Research Center
Yun Hang Hu Materials Science and Engineering
Wenjun Ying Mathematical Sciences
Carl Anderson Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics
Roshan D'Souza Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics
Tammy Haut-Donahue Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics
Jeffrey Naber Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics
Michele Miller Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics
Nancy French Michigan Tech Research Institute
Christopher Roussi Michigan Tech Research Institute
Brian Thelen Michigan Tech Research Institute
Miguel Levy Physics
David Nitz Physics
Andrew Storer School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
John Vucetich School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Patrick Martin Social Sciences


Funding News

Federal Stimulus Funds Help Scientists Control the Emerald Ash Borer Invasion

March 17, 2010—Michigan Technological University has received $650,000 in federal stimulus funding to support a pilot project to reduce ash tree mortality in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The project, called SLAM (SLow Ash Mortality), is designed to slow the spread of the emerald ash borer and protect the UP’s ash trees.

Michigan Tech Research Institute Receives NIH Grant to Study Wildfires, Health

October 15, 2009—Where there’s smoke, there may be health risks. And where there’s climate change, there may be more—and more intense—wildfires. What does that mean for the health of people downwind from the smoke?

National Science Foundation Awards Nearly $4.2 Million for Research at Michigan Tech

September 16, 2009—Eight research projects in eight different fields at Michigan Technological University are receiving grants totaling $4,172,719 from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Funding for four of the projects comes from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 (ARRA), also known as federal stimulus money.

Michigan Tech Receives $3 Million in Federal Stimulus Funds to Develop Hybrid Electric Curriculum

August 5, 2009—Michigan Technological University will receive nearly $3 million in federal stimulus funds to develop an interdisciplinary educational program to train engineers and technicians to design and build the next generation of hybrid electric vehicles.

Michigan Tech Researcher Gets Stimulus Money for Blood Pressure Research

June 18, 2009—Jason Carter, chair of the Department of Exercise Science, Health and Physical Education at Michigan Technological University, will receive $20,900 in federal stimulus funds through the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Gilbert Receives NIH grant

May 7, 2009—Michigan Technological University has received $164,521 in federal economic stimulus monies to conduct medical research.