Staff Search Committee Training

Michigan Tech's Strategic Plan Goal 1#: An exceptional and diverse community of students, faculty, and staff.

In an effort to achieve this goal, Equal Opportunity Compliance and Human Resources have created this 5 part training program to provide education on best practices and legal aspects of conducting a dynamic search and successfully hiring the best candidate for your position. The program covers each step of the staff hiring process, provides direction for effective interviewing, and delivers other resources to support recruitment and hiring.

Effective July 1, 2015, completion of this training is required for all staff who will serve on a search committee; either as a Search Committee Chair or a Committee Member. This training will be valid for four (4) years after the date of completion. After four (4) years, an employee will be required to take the course again.

The information in this training course if very dense. We ask that you give this training 100% of your attention. A quiz follows each section and can be retaken to achieve the required 100% score. All five parts are online in Canvas (you will be sent a link via email) and follow each other in the course flow.

Participants must complete all five components and pass all five quizzes with a score of 100%.

If you have not completed this training and would like to serve on a Search Committee, please register for the course using the Registration drop down option above. If you have questions about these requirements, please call Human Resources (906-487-2280) or email Equal Opportunity Compliance ateoctraining@mtu.edufor more information.

Legal Aspects Review for Staff Search Committees

Completion of the Legal Aspects Review for Staff Search Committees course is required each time someone serves on a search committee, but not more than once per year. It is a stand-alone, asynchronous course separate from the Staff Search Committee training requirement and is typically completed in less than one hour. It will be assigned automatically upon joining a search committee.

Current Employees Eligible to Serve on a Staff Search Committee

Completion of Faculty DLOW can be viewed on the Diversity Literacy Training Status page.