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Husky Health

HRA Incentive, HuskyPAW, SWEAT, TechFit, and T2 became one program—Husky Health.

It's free, voluntary, and confidential. Complete all options to earn $450!

The Husky Health Checklist or the Husky Health Google Form MUST be returned to Benefit Services by October 14, 2019 for Benefits to verify participation in each activity prior to the incentive being awarded in January 2020.

Health and Wellbeing at Michigan Tech

Michigan Tech deeply values health and wellbeing among its faculty and staff community. Husky Health is a free, voluntary, and confidential program that helps qualifying benefits-eligible faculty and staff learn helpful information about their health and wellbeing, encourages them to take steps to improve or maintain it, and earn monetary rewards of up to $450 for participating in Husky Health options. The goal of Husky Health is to encourage sustainable, healthy lifestyles that help prevent chronic disease and other health conditions, and manage rising healthcare costs. Additionally, Husky Health strives to provide faculty and staff with valuable tools and resources to support their emotional, social, and financial wellbeing.

Get started in January 2019 and complete chosen Health Actions by September 30, 2019 to earn up to $450.


Michigan Tech encourages and rewards faculty and staff to live a healthy lifestyle. Husky Health is a voluntary, financial incentive program available to all benefits-eligible Michigan Tech employees. Faculty and staff do not need to be enrolled in a BCBSM Michigan Tech health plan to participate. Read the wellness program notice of consent prior to participating in Husky Health.

The intention of Husky Health is to apply to active, benefit-eligible employees at Michigan Tech. Current retirees will retain their TechFit benefit of $150 for the retiree and $100 total amongst dependents due to their relationship with the university.

Husky Health Options and Pay Out Methods


Health Action


Pay Out Options

1 Complete a BCBSM Health Assessment AND Annual Physical Earn $200
  1. Paycheck (taxable lump sum)
  2. HSA (tax-free lump sum)
  3. FSA-healthcare (tax-free lump sum)
  4. SRA (tax-deferred lump sum)
  5. Toward a membership at the SDC, golf course, or ski hill – up to the dollar amount earned (taxable) *Up to the amount of the cost of a membership
2 Complete an approved health screening or program Earn up to $150
($25 each/limit 6)
3 Complete an approved physical activity or nutrition challenge, event, or program Earn up to $100
($25 each/limit 4)