Massage Therapy Claims

Michigan Tech’s health insurance covers massage therapy when prescribed by a physician. The prescription must state the number of sessions prescribed and the diagnosis. Services must be by an independent, licensed massage therapist who is not practicing with, or in business with the physician prescribing the massage therapy. Massage therapy is covered under the Outpatient Short-Term Rehabilitation umbrella which includes a combined 60 visit maximum per year.

Please follow these guidelines to file a claim for massage therapy:

  1. Complete a BCBSM claim form
  2. Write "Michigan Tech Massage Therapy" at the top of the form
  3. Include with your claim (make sure these are new and legible copies): 
    • a copy of your BCBSM member card
    • a copy of the prescription which includes the diagnosis
    • a copy of the itemized receipt from the provider that includes the procedure code (97124) and the code for the specific diagnosis (or the name of the diagnosis)
  4. Claims may be faxed to 866-392-6519. For your convenience and faster processing use the massage therapy fax cover sheet

    or mailed to:

    ATTN Michigan Tech Claims
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
    PO Box 230555
    Grand Rapids MI 49523-0555
  5. For claim questions please contact BCBSM at 877-760-8575