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See the five common mistakes when using GRE scores.

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Recruiting Resources

See how Graduate Program Directors can request Graduate School Campus Visit Funds from the Graduate School to get highly qualified potential students to visit in person.

The Graduate School Academic Excellence Award (GAEA)  is a new collaboration between the Graduate School and Financial Aid to incentivize and reward our top Michigan Tech undergraduate students to pursue an accelerated master’s degree. The GAEA program replaces the Graduate Tuition Grant (GTG) program of previous years. Nominated students will receive a one-time $4,500 tuition award for their first semester as an accelerated master's student.

For students to be eligible for the Graduate School Academic Excellence Award, they must:

  • Be a first-time accelerated master’s student for the semester of the award
  • Be enrolled as a full-time on-campus student (online students are not eligible)
  • Not be receiving funding from another source at Michigan Tech for their first semester of enrollment ( e.g. assistantships, fellowships, or tuition support)