Graduate School Information

The University and Graduate School maintains a number of information sources pertinent to graduate education. This page summarizes the most commonly requested information and frequently used reports.

Information - All graduate students

The following WebFocus reports are helpful for information about all graduate students:

  • Email search - this report allows you to enter an email address (Michigan Tech or external) for a student and find the M-number and name associated with it. In Banner, the screen GUISRCH has the same functionality.
  • Telephone search - this report allows you to enter a telephone number and search for the student’s name, M-number and email. This can be very helpful if you have the phone number from a voicemail. In Banner, the screen GUISRCH has the same functionality.

Institutional Research maintains the following resources that are helpful when University Data is needed.

Career Services maintains a Career Outcomes Dashboard available on the portal area of WebFocus. Contact them for access or additional information.

Information - Prospective students and applicants to graduate programs

You can find all prospective graduate students in Slate.  The Director and Assistant will be able to view the reports on the main screen of their Slate webpage. Please reach out to the Graduate School Admissions team for assistance.

Information - Current graduate students

The following WebFocus reports are useful for tracking current and incoming students in your graduate program.

  • Academic Progress (Coursework and Research) - Lists each student’s degree progress for term code entered.  Learn what training and milestones students have completed toward their degree.
  • Academic Standing - Lists student’s current and previous academic standing and GPA for term code entered. Use this report to identify students who might need additional support in your program.
  • Active Grad Students - Lists active students for term code entered and can be run for prior terms. This will include incoming students to your graduate program.
  • Enrolled Students - Lists students who are enrolled in your graduate program for the term code entered. Report includes enrolled credits, accelerated indicator, forms status, Basic RCR and Advanced RCR status, and Campus Clarity status.
  • GTA Training - Lists active students for a given semester (it will include accepted students who have provided proof of financials). Lists GTA training completed (orientation, language assessment, Life@Michigan Tech, etc.) as well as proficiencies you have determined for your students.
  • Minimum Stipend Rate - Lists students in your department and their minimum stipend rate or you can run the report for individual students. WebFocus: Graduate School – Academic – Finance/Support – “Active Students and Stipend Categories”
  • Student Overview - This document style report shows a snapshot of the student’s progress including their academic standing and courses taken by term. For this report, a student can be looked up by email or M-number.
  • Tuition-only Student Report - Lists students in your department who have been awarded tuition-only. WebFocus: Graduate School – Academic – Finance/Support – “Grad Tuition Only Listing”

The following WebFocus reports may be useful for preparing annual reports for your unit.

  • Student Activity Report - lists students who have earned the following awards from the Graduate School:
    • Finishing Fellowships
    • DeVlieg Foundation Fellowships
    • PHF Graduate Assistantships
    • Michigan Tech representative for MAGS Teaching Awards
    • Michigan Tech representative for MAGS Distinguished Thesis Award
    • Michigan Tech representative for CGS/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award
  • Graduate Title Listing - lists graduated students for a defined range of semesters.  Report includes years to degree, advisor(s), and title of dissertation, thesis, or report (if applicable).
  • Outstanding Award Recipients -  provides lists of students who have earned the following awards:
    • Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award
    • Outstanding Scholarship Award
    • GSG Service Award
  • Faculty Grad Advising/Committee Participation - provides a list of advising, co-advising, and committee participation for a desired faculty member.  Please note that participation in qualifying and proposal defenses is tracked internally by graduate programs, and is not recorded centrally.