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Graduate School Information

A summary of the most commonly requested information and most useful reports for student information.

Policies and Procedures

These policies and procedures are established by the Graduate School or University. Graduate programs may have their own policies and procedures in addition to these.

Degree Requirements

These degree requirements apply to all graduate students. Individual programs may have additional requirements.

Degree Completion Timeline

Student timelines differ by degree type. The Degree Completion Timeline links to detailed timelines based on Graduate School deadlines, however individual programs may have more specific event deadlines/targets.

Graduate School Finishing Fellowships

Advisors may nominate doctoral candidates expecting to finish in the next semester for this fellowship. Learn about the Graduate School Finishing Fellowships program and application requirements.

Forms and Deadlines

Students | Programs

Find forms and deadlines for students and programs.


Information on common graduate student holds.

Recruiting Resources

See how Graduate Program Directors can request Graduate School Campus Visit Funds from the Graduate School to get highly qualified potential students to visit in person.

Graduate School Academic Excellence Award (GAEA)

The Graduate School Academic Excellence Award (GAEA) is a collaboration between the Graduate School and Financial Aid to incentivize and reward our top Michigan Tech undergraduate students to pursue an accelerated master’s degree. Nominated students will receive a one-time tuition award for their first semester as an accelerated master's student.

For students to be eligible for the Graduate School Academic Excellence Award, they must:

  • Be a first-time accelerated masters student (on-campus or online).
  • Be enrolled as a graduate student—full-time students (9 credits) will be eligible for $2,500 and students enrolled less than full-time will be eligible for $1,000.
  • Not be receiving funding from Michigan Tech or an external source for their first semester of enrollment (e.g. assistantships, fellowships, scholarships, grants, or tuition support).

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

The IDP is a tool to help identify student goals, opportunities, and potential hurdles and discuss these with an advisor or mentor.

Mentoring Guidance

The National Academic Press published an article on Being a Mentor to Students in Science and Engineering.

University Calendars

Track deadlines for fellowship competitions, form submissions, Graduate School events, and more. Subscribe to these calendars to display these deadlines on your personal Google calendar.

Catalog Archive

Listing of past Graduate School Catalogs and Degree Requirements for reference.