Master of Engineering—MEng

The master's of engineering (MEng) degree is a professional degree. The MEng is a coursework-only degree is designed for students who want to enhance their educational background, but are not interested in doing advanced research. The degree is flexible in that it allows students to gain either a greater depth or more breadth in professional skills. Students may even elect to take coursework in business, in addition to advanced engineering courses, that prepares them for careers in business or government. Are you ready?

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Program Overview

Engineers who enter the master's of engineering program have the opportunity to go beyond the discipline they graduated in and broaden their skills. Most students that graduate with a Master's degree enjoy increased salaries and better opportunities to move into management positions. The University offers degree tracks in:

Engineering Program Details

Learn more about the master's of engineering program at Michigan Tech. For international students, Master's of Engineering is a designated STEM program.

On-Campus Programs

Online Programs

Additional Program Information

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Graduate Director

Leonard Bohmann

Graduate Assistant

Danielle K. Davis


Sample Areas of Interest

Select areas of interest to help customize your master's of engineering MEng. Sample areas include:

  • Engineering
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle 

Application Process and Admissions Requirements

Applications are reviewed on an individual basis using a holistic approach. Fill out our free graduate application online to apply to any of our programs. Official transcripts and scores are not required for the initial application, although you will need to upload them later.

Accredited by HLC

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