Graduate School

Graduate Tuition Support Pool

What is it?

  • Sponsors of externally funded research commonly disallow or limit the amount of tuition that can be charged to the sponsor.
  • To address this issue the Graduate School has received funding for the Graduate Tuition Support Pool (GTSP) from which tuition charges can be drawn in cases where the sponsor explicitly disallows or limits tuition charges.


  • The GTSP is available to tenure-track faculty only.
  • Michigan Tech’s transmittal sheet is used to determine eligibility for receiving partial or full tuition support from the GTSP.
    • Questions will be posed to researchers at the time of proposal submission so that the sponsor’s rules regarding tuition payments are documented, while solicitations and requests for proposals are still widely available.

Rules for Use of GTSP Funds

  • Tuition support will only be made available to students who are being paid full stipends by an external sponsor that explicitly limits or disallows tuition charges.
  • Tuition support from the GTSP will only be made available for a maximum of nine credits (plus required academic fees) per semester during the academic year and a maximum of one credit (plus required academic fees) during summer sessions.
  • Students who receive full stipend support from externally sponsored programs that limit or disallow tuition (e.g., NSF Graduate Research Fellowships) will be eligible to receive GTSP funds in accordance with the sponsor’s guidelines.
  • Researchers and departments must communicate clearly with students who may be partially supported with GTSP funds that their support will be made available pending the availability of funds.
  • If tuition is allowed but limited by the sponsor, GTSP funds may only be used to cover the portion of full-time tuition that exceeds the sponsor’s limit.

Cost Sharing & Matching Rules:

  • No commitments will be made in the form of cost-share from the GTSP at the proposal stage.
    • Once an award is received, GTSP dollars will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, pending availability of funds.
  • The GTSP is not to be used for proposals that require a mandatory match.


  • The Sponsored Programs Office administers transmittal sheets and will communicate applicable proposal and award activity to the Graduate School.
  • Tenure-track faculty must request funds for a specific student using the Graduate tuition support pool funds form.
  • The Graduate School will distribute funding and track expenditures (current and anticipated).