Quarter to Semester Credit Conversion

Michigan Tech changed their academic calendar from quarters to semesters in the Fall of 2000. Students who completed course work under the quarter calendar may use the table below to assist them in converting quarter credits to semester credits.

Quarter to Semester Conversion

Master's Program Requirements*

Master of Science Master of Engineering
Thesis Option Report Option Course Work Only Option
Course Work and Thesis Course Work and Report Course Work Course Work and Practicum
Minimum course work credits (total) 30/20 36/24 45/30 39/26
Minimum graduate credits (5000-level) 18/12 18/12 27/18 18/12
Maximum undergraduate credits (4000-level) 18/12 18/12 18/12 21/14
Practicum credits 3–6/2–4
Research credits† 9–15/6–10 3–9/2–6
Minimum total credits 45/30 45/30 45/30 45/30

*Semester credits apply to degrees completed after August 28, 2000.

†Research credits may also be used as continuous enrollment credits for those who leave before completing their degrees.

As always, programs can have special, more-stringent requirements, so check with the Director of your Graduate Program before completing your Degree schedule. Programs may require more credits, may limit your out-of-department credits, may require specific courses, and so on.