Snow covered logs.

Research infuses all we do in our nationally recognized forestry program. Research-based MS and PhD programs, as well as SAF-accredited forestry and master of forestry degrees, provide a springboard for research all over the globe, catalyzed by a vital faculty dedicated to world-scale work on forest-management issues, and how human activities impact ecological processes in forests. Our work runs the gamut, from canopy photosynthesis to invasive earthworms. From silvicultural management systems for zeric jack pine forests in the Lakes States Region to heating in tropical forests. Our work touches all aspects of the industry including regeneration, conservation, and sustainable harvests for bioenergy development.

"We want to know how sensitive tropical forests are to warming, what physiological changes it will cause and particularly how it affects the trees' ability to store CO2."Researcher Molly Cavaleri

Faculty Projects 

OISE-PIRE: Sustainability, ecosystem services, and bioenergy development across the Americas.  National Science Foundation. 2012-2017. PIs: Halvorsen KE, Shonnard D, Chimner R, Asbjornsen, H, Moseley C.

Great Lakes Northern Forest CESU: Beech reintroduction at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. National Park Service. 2016-2019. Dickinson YL, Storer AJ.