Students standing behind a progress pride flag painted on a sidewalk at the Ford Center.

Excellence in natural resource stewardship requires a commitment to diversity and inclusion. CFRES members strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for staff, students, faculty, alumni, and communities of all social and cultural identities.
 - CFRES Diversity Statement

Michigan Technological University is located within Ojibwa (Chippewa) homelands and ceded-territory established by the Treaty of 1842, the territory of Native American nations in Gakiiwe’onaning (Keweenaw Bay), Gete-gitgaaning (Lac Vieux Desert), Mashkii-ziibing (Bad River), Odaawaa-zaaga’iganing (Lac Courte Oreilles), Waaswaaganing (Lac Du Flambeau), Miskwaabikong (Red Cliff), Wezaawaagami-ziibiing (St. Croix), and Zaka’aaganing (Sokaogon Mole Lake).


Diversity Statement

Natural resource decisions affect people of all cultures, backgrounds, perspectives, and belief systems. Therefore, excellence in environmental stewardship requires a workforce of managers, scientists, and policy makers that reflects this diversity to help achieve just, equitable, and sustainable outcomes. Natural resource professionals serve diverse communities, and therefore inclusion of diverse perspectives is a core tenet of the profession. CFRES strives to provide a safe, supportive environment for staff, students, faculty, alumni and communities of all social and cultural identities. Our commitment to diversity necessitates that we create a community that honors the expression of diverse perspectives, supports work and learning that is free from discrimination and harassment, promotes inclusion and respect, and regularly evaluates progress toward meeting diversity goals. To achieve an equal and fair education and work environment we will:

  • Create a culture sensitive to diversity issues and supportive of diverse community members 
  • Recruit, support, and retain diverse staff, student and faculty
  • Integrate diversity-related skills and knowledge into learning experiences
  • Conduct research in areas that have positive impacts for diverse communities 

CFRES strives to build upon this keystone of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a foundational piece of our college. We challenge the members of our community to engage differences as strengths in order to continuously improve campus culture and to develop a diverse and exceptional community that ensures equality of access, opportunity, participation, and representation for all. 

CFRES Diversity Committee


The diversity committee of the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science is committed to listen to our constituents and take action on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues in the college. Our members are committed to educating themselves and others on DEI topics. The committee meets monthly to discuss and update our strategic plan, create accessible spaces in our building, lift barriers that underrepresented minorities may typically face, and provide a voice for our community. Our mission is to achieve an equitable learning and working environment that fosters a sense of belonging to those who call CFRES a second home - from their first step into our atrium, until retirement or the day a diploma is in their hand.



Student Diversity Spaces

Student Resource Center

Room 145 of the Noblet building

  • Collaborate
  • Hang out
  • Find resources and information
  • Brainstorm feedback to the college

Student Learning Center

Room 145A of the Noblet Building

  • Dedicated Quiet Space
  • Study help from fellow students
  • Books and resources relating to your classes
  • Dedicated tutoring hours

Diversity Documents