The Undergraduate Experience

Make a World of Difference

Engineers do a lot of things, but there’s one thing we do first and foremost: We help people. We use creative ideas and technologies to solve problems in health care, energy, transportation, hunger, space exploration, climate change, and more—much more.

Here at Michigan Tech, our innovative approach to engineering education actively involves students in hands-on learning opportunities, leadership, research, and entrepreneurship. In fact, through participation in a wide array of programs, our students begin to contribute solutions to the world’s increasingly complex problems right here on campus, well before they graduate.

So get ready to jump right in. As an engineer from Michigan Tech you will make a difference. We invite you to apply to the College of Engineering if you haven’t already, and look forward to seeing you here.

Thank you for considering Michigan Tech!

"I was able to come to the United States because of a generous undergraduate scholarship from Michigan Tech. And this country took me in, accepted me and gave me a great education, a wonderful career and an incredible life."Teik C. Lim, president of New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1985 alumnus in mechanical engineering