First-Year Engineering

Engineering Fundamentals

Undecided about which area of engineering to pursue? No problem. You’ll have a chance to explore them all. Every engineering student at Michigan Tech takes the same core courses, and many choose a major after two semesters on campus. You’ll get exposure to all the engineering fields before you need to choose a career path. While you’re at it, you’ll gain the fundamental skills for success using the Engineering Fundamentals Learning Center, working with classmates in team activities, and benefiting from discovery-based classes.

Discovery-based learning

At Michigan Tech, first-year engineering classes aren’t lecture-based. They’re discovery-based. Your professor will spend 15-20 minutes talking to the class. You’ll spend the rest of the time working on in-class activities with your team. Meanwhile, your professor will go from team to team, offering feedback right on the spot. Engineering talent develops naturally as a result—along with important teamwork and communication skills.