Design and Research Programs

Beyond the Classroom

Michigan Tech has a distinguished record of delivering high-quality undergraduate engineering education. Our courses are taught by many of the nation’s most talented and dedicated faculty. The educational experiences we provide extend far beyond the classroom as well. Our students also experience exciting educational opportunities in the field, in the lab, and around the globe. At Michigan Tech, these experiences are not the exception—they are the rule. All of our students participate in Senior Design, Enterprise, or Undergraduate Research programs.

Senior Design—Connecting Students and Industry

Our Senior Design program connects students and industry through challenging projects that have an open-ended design solution. You’ll work with other students on a small team, and make the project your top priority throughout your senior year. A faculty advisor for each team provides the right balance of instruction and coaching, enabling you to learn by doing. Teams have access to state-of-the-art design and collaboration tools, as well as dedicated fabrication facilities, labs, and design studios.

Senior Design functions more like a “first job” than a “last class”—providing the kind of relevant design experience that can launch you into a rewarding, successful career.

Enterprise Program—Multidisciplinary, real-world project experience on-campus!

Michigan Tech's exclusive Enterprise Program aims to connects students and industry through open-ended, real world client sponsored projects. Students enroll in one of over 20 Enterprise teams across campus that cover a variety of technical focus areas. Teams design using industry-recognized CAD/CAE software packages in dedicated Enterprise Team spaces while collaborating on cloud-based, real-time messaging and file-sharing platforms. Students of all majors are represented across the Enterprise Program. Faculty members act as mentors while industry experts from a myriad of sectors serve as client/mentors, helping students make the transition from campus to early career.

Undergraduate Research—Discover Knowledge

Undergraduate research introduces you to the possibilities of a research path at Michigan Tech and beyond. Our goal is to nurture interest in engineering research and help students who are looking for a challenge gain awareness of the vast opportunities available to them right on campus. You can begin working with a faculty mentor on a research project as early as your freshman year. Research opportunities are wide-ranging.

A few examples include:

  • GPS-guided robotic vehicle
  • Laser communications
  • Parametric study of an artificial heart
  • Axon regeneration after spinal cord injury
  • Self-powered magnetoelastic materials
  • Archeological dating techniques
  • Cancer nanotechnology
  • Meniscus research to prevent osteoarthritis
  • Great Lakes water research
  • Geomagnetic research in Western Australia
  • Groundwater investigations at the Bering Glacier, Alaska