Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our faculty, staff and students are fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.
There is much work to be done and we all have a part to play in order for meaningful change to occur.

Michigan Tech TECH SCEnE NSF REU
For students who want to see their contributions make an impact, join a summer program
structured to apply science and technology to benefit the community. Program dates June 7 – July 30. Apply by May 1.

Computer Engineering

Innovation is key in the steadily growing computer engineering field. Our graduates are prepared for R&D, and fields, ranging from movie special effects to nanotechnology.

Graduate | Undergraduate

Electrical Engineering

Contribute to the 21st century in technological areas that you can only begin to imagine. From communications to signal processing, the department can prepare you to transform society.

Graduate | Undergraduate

Robotics Engineering

Understand the “why” of robots and autonomous machines in a variety of settings beyond industry and manufacturing. Apply these principles to vehicles, machinery, microcontrollers, and other robotic systems.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Students determine a flexible mix of coursework in electrical and computer engineering, engineering from related fields, physical sciences, and computer science.