Engineering Fundamentals

First year students, get ready to meet Dean Kamen, world-famous inventor and entrepreneur, and founder of FIRST®. He's coming to Michigan Tech on Thursday, September 12!

Dean Kamen holds 440 US and foreign patents, including the Segway, the self-balancing personal transporter, and the first-ever drug infusion pump. At the age of 30, Kamen sold his first company, AutoSyringe, then founded DEKA Research to focus on innovations aimed to improve lives around the world. It started small and has now grown to a group of over four hundred. Kamen continues to push DEKA to be a place where no idea seems too big and where creativity and crazy cool gizmos reign supreme.

Dean Kamen

First Year Engineering Lecture
Thursday, September 12
Rosza Center, Michigan Tech

First-Year Engineering

Every engineering student takes the same foundational courses, and their math placement is determined by the Department of Mathematics. If you are undecided, explore your future possibilities with Engineering Explorations. When you are ready, move into your engineering discipline major.

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BS in Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) program offers flexibility for a custom path. Students may also follow a defined pathway in Geospatial Engineering, Mining Engineering, or Systems Engineering.

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Each August, the First-Year Engineering program welcomes approximately 1200 aspiring engineers to the College of Engineering and to Michigan Tech.