Degree Programs

Graduate Programs

  1. Biomedical Engineering (PhD, MS, Accelerated Masters)
  2. Chemical Engineering (PhD, MS, Accelerated Masters)
  3. Civil Engineering—MS, PhD (PhD, MS, Accelerated Masters)
  4. Computer Engineering (PhD, Accelerated Masters)
  5. Electrical Engineering (PhD, Accelerated Masters)
  6. Electrical and Computer Engineering (MS)
  7. Engineering Mechanics (Accelerated Masters, MS)
  8. Master of Engineering (MEng)
  9. Environmental Engineering—MS (MS, Accelerated Masters)
  10. Environmental Engineering—PhD (PhD)
  11. Environmental Engineering Science (MS)
  12. Geological Engineering (PhD, MS, Accelerated Masters)
  13. Geology (PhD, MS, Accelerated Masters)
  14. Geophysics (PhD, MS, Accelerated Masters)
  15. Integrated Geospatial Technology (MS, Accelerated MS)
  16. Manufacturing Engineering (MS, Accelerated Masters)
  17. Materials Science and Engineering (PhD, MS, Accelerated Masters)
  18. Mechanical Engineering (MS, Accelerated Masters)
  19. Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics (PhD)
  20. Mining Engineering (PhD, MS)


  1. Atmospheric Sciences (PhD)
  2. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (PhD)
  3. Computational Science and Engineering (PhD)
  4. Data Science (MS)
  5. Master of Engineering (MEng)
  6. Environmental Engineering (PhD)
  7. Mechatronics (MS, Accelerated Masters)


  1. Civil Engineering (MS)
  2. Electrical Engineering (MS)
  3. Electrical and Computer Engineering (MS, Accelerated Masters)
  4. Integrated Geospatial Technology (MS)
  5. Mechanical Engineering (MS, Accelerated Masters)
  6. Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics (PhD)
  7. Advanced Electric Power Engineering (Certificate)
  8. Automotive Systems and Controls (Certificate)
  9. Safety and Security of Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems (Certificate)
  10. More Michigan Tech Online Engineering Certificates

Graduate Certificates

  1. Advanced Electric Power Engineering (Certificate)
  2. Advanced Photogrammetry and Mapping with UAS (Certificate)
  3. Aerodynamics (Certificate)
  4. Automation and Controls in Mechatronic Systems (Certificate)
  5. Automotive Systems and Controls (Certificate)
  6. Computational Fluid Dynamics (Certificate)
  7. Computational Materials Science (Certificate)
  8. Control Systems (Certificate)
  9. Dynamic Systems (Certificate)
  10. Electronics Materials and Processing (Certificate)
  11. Engineering Sustainability and Resilience (Certificate)
  12. Fluid Power in Mechatronic Systems (Certificate)
  13. Fundamentals of Materials Engineering (Certificate)
  14. Geoinformatics (Certificate)
  15. Industrial Robotics (Certificate)
  16. Manufacturing Engineering (Certificate)
  17. Medical Devices and Technologies (Certificate)
  18. Medical Imaging (Certificate)
  19. Nanotechnology (Certificate)
  20. Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction (Certificate)
  21. Network and Communication Systems (Certificate)
  22. Post-Secondary STEM Education (Certificate)
  23. Profit-Increasing Strategies in Chemical Processing (Certificate)
  24. Quality Engineering (Certificate)
  25. Resilient Water Infrastructure (Certificate)
  26. Safety and Security of Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems (Certificate)
  27. Signal and Image Processing (Certificate)
  28. Structural Engineering: Advanced Analysis (Certificate)
  29. Structural Engineering: Bridge Analysis and Design (Certificate)
  30. Structural Engineering: Building Design (Certificate)
  31. Structural Engineering: Hazard Analysis (Certificate)
  32. Structural Engineering: Timber Building Design (Certificate)
  33. Sustainable Pavement Design and Construction (Certificate)
  34. Vehicle Dynamics (Certificate)
  35. Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Engineering (Certificate)