Alumni and Academies by Department

Each engineering department has its own alumni web page, publications, news, and Alumni Reunion events. In addition, department Academies honor graduates who have distinguished themselves in their professions.

Don't see your department on the list? Some departments have changed names over the years, including the Department of Mining Engineering (now Geological & Mining Engineering and Sciences) and the Department of Metallurgical Engineering (now Materials Science & Engineering). Please contact us with any questions.

DepartmentAlumniAcademyAdvisory BoardPublications/Newsletters
Biomedical EngineeringAlumni Relations Industrial Advisory BoardBiomedical Engineering 2012
Chemical EngineeringAlumni RelationsAcademyIndustrial Advisory BoardChemical Engineering Newsletter 2010
Civil and Environmental EngineeringAlumni RelationsAcademy Civil and Environmental Engineering News 2010
Electrical and Computer EngineeringAlumni RelationsAcademyAdvisory BoardThe Circuit 2010
Geological and Mining Engineering and SciencesAlumni RelationsAcademy  
Materials Science and EngineeringAlumni RelationsAcademyAdvisory BoardMSE News 2010
Mechanical Engineering-Engineering MechanicsAlumni RelationsAcademyAdvisory BoardME-EM Annual Report 2010