Degree Completion Options

The Master of Science in Applied Computer Science can be completed in a Report or Coursework option. Both options require a solution to a significant problem, typically a software solution, and both require successful completion of 30 credit hours. Students may change their completion option during the course of their study.

Coursework Option

Three to six hours of the required 30 hours must be in CS 5010.

Report Option

Three to six hours of the required 30 hours must be in CS 5990 Masters Research in Computer Science. Students pursuing the Report option must also prepare a project proposal, a written project report, and a defense of the report in a public forum.

Degree Requirements

Students must successfully complete 30 total approved credits, and earn a grade of B or better in all courses. Students are encouraged to prepare a plan of study during an orientation prior to their first semester in residence, with advisor approval.

Required Courses Report Option
(credit hours)
Coursework Option
(credit hours)
 CS 4321 Algorithms 3 3
Application Area Electives1 9-12 9-12
CS 50102 Does not apply to the Report Option 3-6
CS 5990 Masters Research in Computer Science 3-6 Does not apply to the Coursework Option
CS Electives3 9-15 9-15
Totals 30 credit hours 30 credit hours

1Elective courses at the 4000-level or above outside the Department of Computer Science

2CS 5010 credits do not count toward the Report option

2CS 5010 credits can be repeated once.

3Electives may be any CS course at the 4000-level or above, or CS 3311 Formal Models of Computation.

Example Schedule

The example schedule below assumes a student with a Michigan Tech B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a minor in computer science. The described student is interested in applying their background in civil and environmental engineering to the analysis of data from automated and connected vehicles.

Year 1, Semester 1 Credits Year 1, Semester 2 Credits
CEE 4402 Traffic Engineering 3 MA 5781 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting 3
CS 4321 Algorithms 3 CS 4821 Data Mining 3
CS 4611 Graphics​ 3 SU 5010 Geospatial Concepts, Technology and Data 3
Year 2, Semester 1 Credits Year 2, Semester 2 Credits
CS 5631 Data Visualization 3 CS 5010 Applied Computer Science 3
CS 5841 Machine Learning 3    
CEE 5402 Traffic Flow Theory 3