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Summer '21 Course Offerings

Summer '21 Courses

Please register for Summer '21 classes now. Any courses with insufficient enrollment by April 5, 2021, may not be offered this summer. Register here. 
View the full list here.

CS Summer '21 Courses

  • All summer CS classes are Track A, fully online.
  • CS1111 - Introduction to Programming in C/C++ is being offered Summer Track A. Topics include top-down analysis of problems, structured programming, control structures, functions, arrays, pointers, and file I/O. Basic concepts of object-oriented programming (classes, objects, function overloading) will also be introduced.
  • CS 1121, Intro to Programming I
  • CS 1122, Intro to Programming II
  • CS 1142, Programming at HW/SW Interface
  • CS 2321, Data Structures
  • CS 4321, Intro to Algorithms
  • CS 4710, Model-driven Software Development

EET Summer Courses

  • EET 1120, Circuits 1 (4 credits) Track A
  • EET 2141, Digital / Microprocessor Basics (4 credits) Track B, fully online.
  • EET 2233 Electrical Machinery (4 credits), Track A, fully online
  • EET 3373, Introduction to Programmable Controllers (3 credits), Track A, face-to-face
  • EET 5144/4144, Real-Time Robotics Systems with FANUC Industrial Certification (4 credits), intense hybrid course, May 3-13.  Week 1: on-line lectures; Week 2:  Intensive, on campus hands-on practice using industrial FANUC Robots. Upon successful completion of the course you will earn 4 semester credit hours certification by FANUC Robotics Inc.
  • EET 3390, Power Systems (3 credits), Track A, fully online. If you have any conflicts with other courses you plan to take his summer, please talk with Prof. Aleksandr Sergeyev directly so the issue could be resolved.

SAT Summer Courses

  • All summer SAT classes are Track A, fully online.
  • SAT 1700, Cyber Ethics
  • SAT 2343, Network Administration
  • SAT 2511 Microsoft Systems Administration
  • SAT 2711, Linux Fundamentals
  • SAT 3310, Scripting for Administration and Automation
  • SAT 3611, Infrastructure Service Administration
  • SAT 3820, Wireless System Administration
  • SAT 4816, Digital Forensics


Student Events

NSBE Pre-College Initiative 2021 Alternative Spring Break: Mar. 8-10, virtual

Reply Code Challenge: Thurs., Mar. 11

Undergraduate Research Symposium: Fri., Mar. 26

Graduate Research Colloquium: Thurs.-Fri., April 1-2

21st Annual Design Expo: Thurs., Apr. 15

Commencement, Fri., Apr. 30


CS Dept. Lecture: Tim Frick, MightyBytes, Fri., Apr. 9, 3 pm 

ICC Distinguished Lecture: Alina Zare, Univ. of Florida, Fri., Apr. 16, 3 pm


Reply Code Challenge: Thurs., Mar. 11

Need to Know

Student Employment


  • Paid Research Assistant, multiple positions, Security and Privacy Lab. You'll work on IoT security, mobile security, or cloud computing security. The student is expected to be: 1) Eager to solve problems; 2) Familiar with operating systems; 3) Familiar with system programming (C is preferred); 4) Familiar with embedded systems (optional). To apply, send your resume to Asst. Prof. Bo Chen (bchen@mtu.edu).

  • Paid Research Assistant, graduate level, May to August. 2021, extension possible. Basic requirements: 1) Skills in Python programming and image processing; 2) Experience in machine learning/AI is a plus. Contact Asst. Prof. Sidike Paheding. Applied Computing (spahedin@mtu.edu).

  • Orientation Team Leaders: The Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success is recruiting and hiring Orientation Team Leaders for fall 2021.  Applications due Mar. 14, 2021.

  • Summer Youth Program Positions, Applied Computing Department. Learn more at this info session:

    • Tues., Mar. 16, 9:30-10 am


  • Web Developer, Ancilla Partners, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, full time or summer internship. More info here.

  • Cyberinfrastructure Manager, Great Lakes Observing System, Ann Arbor, MI, to work on projects like Seagull. The role will support operations, system management, DevOps, scripting., maintenance and software updates, data and information management, and more. Learn more and apply here.

  • Software and Web DeveloperEmberly Digital LLC, part time, likely extending to full time. $20/hour, 20-30 hours/week. We're looking for a skilled developer, and it's far more important that we have someone who can learn quickly, pivot fast, and communicate effectively. We need someone who is looking to have fun and grow fast. Skills you'll need: PHP, HTML and CSS, Javascript and Query, WordPress, WordPress PHP (custom fields, taxonomies, terms, etc). Contact Collin Versluis (collin@emberlydigital.com).



  • 1st Year Student Railroad Scholarships, Michigan Tech Rail Transportation Program. For first-year students interested in exploring a career with the rail industry. Open to all disciplines. More info here. Deadline is Friday, March 5, 2021. Info meeting on Feb. 15, 7 pm, at he Railroad Engineering and Activities Club meeting. Contact David Nelson (dannelso@mtu.edu) with questions. 

  • CyberCorps Info Session #1: Mon., Mar. 22, 6-7 pm EST

  • CyberCorps Info Session #2: Tues., Mar. 30, 6-7 pm EST

  • Last Mile Education Fund for Women: Scholarships for degree completion for striving low-income women in computing-related degree programs.

Academic Calendar

  • View the full Academic Calendar

  • Fri., Mar. 5, 10 pm: Spring Break Begins

  • Sun., Mar. 14, 12 pm: Fall Registration Begins

  • Mon., Mar. 15: Classes Resume

  • Sun., Mar. 28, 12 am: Fall Registration Ends

  • Fri., Apr. 23: Last Day of Regular Classes

  • Mon., Apr 26: Final Exam Period

  • Fri., Apr. 30: Spring Commencement


Graduate Research Colloquium

  • April 1-2, 2021
  • Visit the GRC website

  • Registration Closes: March 2

  • Abstracts Due: Mar. 2

  • Poster Presentation Videos Due: Mar. 22

  • Oral Sessions: Apr. 1-2, 8 am-2 pm

  • Poster Session: Thurs., Apr. 1 (all day)

  • Poster Session Q&A: Thurs., Apr. 1, 4-6 pm

  • Award Ceremony: Fri., April 2, 5-7 pm

Design Expo 2021

  • April 15, 2021
  • Visit the Design Expo website

  • Registration Deadline: Thurs., Mar. 4, 11 pm

  • Video and Digital Poster Submission: Thurs., Apr. 8, 11 pm

  • Video Judging: Mon.-Thurs., Apr. 12-15

Enterprise Program

Fall 2021 Registration Priority Schedule

  • Registration opens at 10 pm unless otherwise noted.

  • Priority is based on the number of credits earned at the time of registration.

  • Students may register anytime on or after their scheduled day. 

  • Registration closes at midnight Sunday, April 4, and reopens at 10:00 pm Tuesday, April 6.

  • The web will be unavailable for registration from 2:00 to 2:30 am each day.

  • Students with questions or problems should contact the Registrar’s Office at 487-2319 or email schedule@mtu.edu.

Priority Registration, Fall '21
Fall 2021 Registration Priority Schedule

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