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College of Computing Graduate Programs

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College of Computing MS and PhD Programs

Work with exceptional faculty--including five NSF CAREER Award winners--in advanced research facilities. Be part of active interdisciplinary collaborations and an effective project-funding support system that supports more than $2 million in annual research expenditures. Pursue your graduate studies at a world-class public research university.

Computer Science MS, PhD

The combination of outstanding faculty and facilities will provide opportunities to become adept in your chosen area through research and studies.

Cybersecurity MS

Trusted software engineering. Critical infrastructure protection. Network security management. Cybersecurity is a national priority.

Mechatronics MS

The multidisciplinary Mechatronics MS degree teaches the advanced technical  and design implementation/ instrumentation skills sought by industries worldwide.

Health Informatics MS

The Health Informatics MS covers the fields of informatics, decision support systems, telemedicine, ethics, security and privacy, and more.

Computational Science and Engineering PhD

Understand scientific and engineering challenges. Realize the computational theories and methods behind the solutions. CSE engages students in interdisciplinary research and teaching.

Accelerated Master's

Bachelor's + 1 Year = Master's Degree
For current Michigan Tech undergrads, the accelerated MS is completed in a single year of study beyond the bachelor's.

Additional Computing-related Graduate Programs