Presidential Council of Alumnae

Michigan Technological University Presidential Council of Alumnae (PCA) members are recognized for personal and professional achievements in all facets of life, including education and career excellence and community involvement and volunteerism as a Michigan Tech student or alumna. Members meet annually on campus for activities that support the University’s strategic plan and specifically focus on engaging the campus community to educate, influence, and inspire the Women of Michigan Tech.

Members of the Presidential Council of Alumnae enhance the University’s outreach on campus and off in countless ways, including:

  • PCA Meetings/Events—Annual meetings feature networking opportunities between PCA members and interaction with Michigan Tech faculty, staff, and students
  • Classroom Visits—Members are occasionally asked to be role-model speakers in Michigan Tech classes
  • Corporate Recruiting Visits—Several PCA members return to Michigan Tech to recruit students and new graduates to work in their companies.
  • Advisory Boards—Many members serve on corporate or other departmental advisory boards.
  • Philanthropy—PCA members assist the Office of Advancement with fundraising initiatives, including support of the Presidential Council of Alumnae Scholarship program.
  • Workshops/Seminars—PCA members lead seminars open to all members of the Michigan Tech community. Sessions cover topics ranging from opportunities for women in different industries to gender issues on the job to how to make the most of your time at Michigan Tech.
  • Mentoring—PCA members attend the Society of Women Engineer's Dine With Industry event and Summer Youth Program’s Women in Engineering sessions to serve as role models and answer questions and provide insights.
  • Visits with High School Students—PCA members carry the Michigan Tech message to high schools or college fairs in their areas.
  • Alumni Events—Members attend a variety of Michigan Tech Alumni events, both on and off campus, including the annual Alumni Reunion and regional gatherings.
Inductee Name Degree Class Inducted
Tess M. Ahlborn, PhD Civil Engineering 1986, 1987 2002
Christine Morris Anderson Civil Engineering 1994 2003
Michelle L. Banonis Environmental Engineering 1999 2012
Jennifer G. Becker, PhD Environmental Engineering 1989 2007
Elzbieta G. Berak, PhD Civil Engineering/Mechanical Eng-Eng Mechanics 1981, 1985 2010
Debra A. Campbell Civil Engineering 1976 2004
Mary Elizabeth Coburn Civil Engineering 1987 2002
Michelle E. Eggert (Jarvie), PhD, PE Environmental Engineering/Environmental Policy 1996, 1999, 2005, 2007 2011
Kristina M. Fields Civil Engineering 1996, 1998, 2006 2018
Raine L. Gardner Civil Engineering 2005 2018
Katherine R. King Environmental Engineering 1979 1998
Kristine M. Krause Civil Engineering 1976 1999
Debra S. Larson, PhD, PE Civil Engineering 1978, 1981 2014
Catherine A. Leslie Civil Engineering 1983 2010
Kim M. Lobdell Civil Engineering 1979 2021
Kathryn D. Lynnes Civil Engineering 1979 1997
Kerry E. Sutton Maloney Environmental Engineering 1989 2007
Emily C. McDonald Environmental Engineering 2012 2018
Kimberly K. Nowack Civil Engineering 1985 2003
Brenda J. O'Brien Civil and Environmental Engineering 1984 2008
Leanne Homberg Panduren Civil Engineering 1993 2016
Linda D. Phillips Civil Engineering 1977, 1984 1996
Teresa M. Schissler-Boichot Civil Engineering 1998 2014
Beverly A. Siersma Environmental Engineering 1974 1998
Christine M. Sloat Civil Engineering 1982 1999
Sheryl A. Sorby, PhD Civil Engineering/Mechanical Engineering 1982, 1985, 1991 1997
Amy L. Trahey Civil Engineering 1994 2008
Jane L. Waldron Environmental Engineering 1983 2012