Research and Teaching Labs

Labs Location Contact
Environmental Processes Laboratory Dow 106/210A Daisuke Minakata
Steel Bridge Fabrication Center Dow 107 Rob Fritz
Environmental Engineering Laboratory Prep-room Dow 109 Daisuke Minakata
Environmental Monitoring and Measurements Instructional Laboratory Dow 110 Daisuke Minakata
Controlled Environment Chambers Dow 810 Diasuke Minakata
Surface Water Quality Field Preparation Laboratory Dow 816 Noel Urban
Chemical Storage Dow 818 Kiko de Melo e Silva
Materials Research Laboratory Dow 822 Qingli Dai
Inorganic Analytical Laboratory Dow 826 Noel Urban
Human-Centered Design Laboratory Dow 827 Daisuke Minakata
Wastewater Research Facility Dow 833 Daisuke Minakata
Environmental Chemistry Research Laboratory Dow 835 Judith Perlinger
Physical-Chemical Treatment Processes Laboratory Dow 838 Jennifer Becker
Biogeoenvironmental Engineering Laboratory Dow 839 Eric Seagren
Trace Toxic Organics Analysis Laboratory Dow 845 Judith Perlinger
Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory Dow 850 Jennifer Becker
PCR Laboratory Dow 850A Jennifer Becker
Surface Water Monitoring Laboratory Dow 858 Audra Morse
Surface Water Quality Kinetics Laboratory Dow 860 Jennifer Becker
Structural Testing Laboratory (Benedict Basement) M&M U003/A/B Kiko de Melo e Silva
Structural Testing Laboratory (Benedict Main Level) M&M U112 Kiko de Melo e Silva
Structural Testing Laboratory (Wind Tunnel) M&M U210 Kiko de Melo e Silva
Structural Testing Laboratory (Structural Glass Testing) M&M U210A Stephen Morse
Structural Testing Laboratory (Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar) M&M U210C Kiko de Melo e Silva
Geotechnical Engineering Equipment Storage Dillman SB100A Mohammad Sadeghi
Undergraduate Soil Mechanics Laboratory Dillman B003 Mohammad Sadeghi
Bechthold/Thompson Asphaltic Pavement Laboratory Dillman B004/A Zhanping You
Louis Verrette Construction Materials Laboratory Dillman B005 Rob Fritz
Fresh-mix Concrete and Testing Laboratory Dillman B006/A Rob Fritz
General Undergraduate Laboratory Dillman B008 Kiko de Melo e Silva
Structural Testing Laboratory (Self-reacting Load Frame) Dillman B008B Kiko de Melo e Silva
Asphalt Mixture and Pavement Testing Laboratory Dillman B009/A/B Zhanping You
Asphalt Mixture Prep and Testing Laboratory Dillman B010A Zhanping You
Ronald Krump Geotechnical Dynamics Laboratory Dillman B010B Mohammad Sadeghi
Graduate Soil Mechanics Laboratory Dillman B011 Zhen Liu
Lee and Arleta Bernson Student Success Center Dillman 102 Julie Ross
Holding, Temporary Storage, and Oven Laboratory Dillman 106 Kiko de Melo e Silva
Peter Grant Timber Engineering Laboratory Dillman 108 Daniel Dowden
Laboratory for Adaptive Smart Structural Technology Dillman 109A Andrew Swartz
Water Resources Laboratory Dillman 110 Brian Barkdoll
Asphaltic Binder Laboratory Dillman 314/A Zhanping You
  GLRC 203 Noel Urban
Air Quality and Meteorology (AQUAM) Laboratory GLRC 302 Judith Perlinger
Surface Water Chemistry Laboratory GLRC 304 Noel Urban