Capstone—Real-World Experience

Students learning about Senior Design in class.

Senior Design

All civil, environmental, and geospatial engineering students participate in a major design experience in engineering. Students enrolled in Senior Design work as teams on client-based engineering projects, using skills acquired in earlier engineering course work. Our department’s Senior Design experience will prepare you for your career by asking you to solve problems under many of the constraints and considerations that a civil, environmental, or geospatial engineer encounters on the job. These considerations include economics, environmental, sustainability, constructability, ethical, social, political, health, and safety.

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Students learning about Enterprise in class.


Students in civil, environmental, or geospatial may also complete the Enterprise concentration or the Enterprise minor. Enterprises are student-led companies embracing rich experiences in engineering design, team building, project management, and end-to-end original product development. Just as in Senior Design, Enterprise teams work under the direction of a faculty advisor.

The program gives teams of students from varied disciplines the opportunity to work for several semesters in a business-like setting to solve real-world engineering problems supplied by industry partners.