Admissions—Getting In

Application Procedure

General information regarding first-year students, transfer, international, and other types of undergraduate student admission:

  1. Complete the Michigan Tech free online application for admission any time up to one year before you plan to enroll.
  2. Prospective first-year students: ask your high school guidance office to send your official transcript, official ACT and/or SAT scores, and the optional high school counselor information page directly to the Michigan Tech Admissions Office or request to have your transcript sent to us through a service such as Docufide or Parchment.
  3. Prospective transfer students: submit application and official transcripts from all colleges attended to the Michigan Tech Admissions Office. Official high school transcripts are also required unless an associate degree or higher has been earned at time of application.
  4. Prospective international students: see Admissions Procedures.

General Information

When To Apply—Admission to Michigan Tech is made on a space-available basis. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply prior to January 15 for priority consideration. After this date, space limitations may affect application decisions.

All applications and supporting material must be received at least thirty days before the beginning of the semester of intended enrollment. Once students are accepted for admission, every effort is made by the faculty and staff to help them utilize the various resources offered by Michigan Tech.

The following documents must be received by the Michigan Tech Admissions office for an applicant to be considered for undergraduate admission (for information on graduate admissions, refer to the Graduate School).

  • Application Forms—Applications may be completed online.
  • Additional Materials—Materials to accompany the application include the official high school transcript(s) and the optional high school counselor information page. Transfer students must submit official transcripts from all colleges attended as well as an official high school transcript showing the date of graduation unless an associate degree or higher has been earned at time of application.
  • Test Scores—Scores from the ACT or the SAT college admission examinations are evaluated by Michigan Tech for admission and financial aid purposes. Applicants are required to take at least one of these tests. The Michigan Tech code number for the ACT is 2030; for the SAT it is 1464. Test registration forms are available at high school counseling offices or from the testing agencies.

Advanced Placement—Michigan Tech awards college-level credit through Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). Specific details on these programs are available online or upon request. Placement credit is granted by Michigan Tech free of charge. No student is required to accept AP, IB, or CLEP advanced placement.

First-Year Students

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the free online application.
  2. Request to have your transcript sent to us through a service such as Docufide or ask your high school guidance office to send the following documents directly to the Admissions Office:
      1. Official transcript (showing grades through your junior year)
      2. Official ACT and/or SAT scores
        1. If your test scores are not included on your official transcript, you may have them sent directly to Michigan Tech by providing the appropriate school code to the testing agency (ACT code is 2030; SAT code is 1464).
        2. Optional high School counselor information 
  3. Applicants will be notified of their admission status as soon as completed credentials are received and evaluated by the admissions staff—typically within two to three weeks.

High School Course Recommendations
Prospective students are encouraged to complete a rigorous high school curriculum. The following high school course recommendations apply to all academic programs at Michigan Tech, although some academic program qualifications may be higher or lower than those listed here. Contact the Michigan Tech Admissions Office with any questions.

  • Mathematics* — Three years recommended; four years strongly recommended
  • Natural Science — Three years strongly recommended (including one year of biological sciences and one year of chemistry or physics)
  • English — Three years recommended; four years strongly recommended (classes should cover literature, composition, standard language usage, essay/theme writing, writing a research paper, and one-half year of speech)
  • Social Studies — Three years strongly recommended (including US and world history)
  • Computer Literacy — One year strongly recommended
  • Foreign Language — Two years recommended

*It is strongly recommended that students have a fourth year of college-prep mathematics, the core of which should be college algebra and analytic geometry, the elementary functions, limits, and similar precalculus topics. Other topics might include probability, statistics, permutations and combinations, mathematics induction, an introduction to the use of sets, and introduction to computers and computing, or an introduction to matrices and determinants. The emphasis should be placed on basic concepts and the principles of deductive reasoning, regardless of the choice of topic.

Calculus, where offered in secondary schools, should be at least a full-year course and be taken by students who are strongly prepared in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and coordinate geometry.

Official High School Transcript 
Transcript must be submitted with all first-year applications in addition to all requirements listed under General Information (Application Forms, Additional Materials, and Test Scores).

Transfer Applicants for Admission

Students in good standing who have satisfactorily completed work at another college or university may apply for transfer admission.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the free online application.
  2. Have all colleges attended submit official transcripts directly to the Admissions Office.
  3. All students must submit an official copy of their high school transcript showing date of graduation unless an associate degree or higher has been earned at time of application. The transcript must be sent directly from the high school or through a service such as Docufide or Parchment.

GPA Recommendations
An average of at least C+ (2.50 on a 4.00 scale) is generally recommended for students applying to Michigan Tech. High-demand curricula may require an average higher than a C+ for consideration. The grade point average (GPA) earned at other institutions is neither transferable nor used in computing GPA at Michigan Tech.

Transfer credit
Transfer credit is granted in accordance with the guidelines established by the academic departments.

  • Specific or approved course credit is granted for courses taken (including online courses) in which passing grades of C (2.00 on a 4.00 scale) or higher have been obtained, provided the courses are equivalent in content, length, and prerequisites to courses offered at Michigan Tech. Any course presented for transfer credit must be acceptable for residence credit in a comparable program at the college or university offering the course. Additionally, the course must be offered to the regular college students (some colleges offer courses that can only be taken by students in high school).
  • Unassigned free-elective credit may be granted for courses that are not comparable to those offered by Michigan Tech. Such credit will apply only toward the total credits required for graduation, unless the department of a student's major authorizes the use of the credit to meet departmental requirements. All credits granted become final only after the student has demonstrated satisfactory progress at Michigan Tech.

Community College Transfers
Transfer guides are available for all Michigan community colleges. The Michigan Tech Admissions Office can offer program-of-study suggestions to students who plan to transfer to Michigan Tech after completion of one or more years at a community college. Admissions advisors visit most Michigan and several out-of-state community colleges to provide special counseling and services.

Homeschooled Students

Michigan Tech welcomes homeschooled students to apply for undergraduate admission. A student may apply while final course work is still in progress.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the free online application.
  2. Submit all required supporting materials:
    1. A high school transcript including a list of courses taken, grades received, or level of proficiency attained. This transcript can be from a homeschool curriculum agency or can be parent or instructor generated.
    2. Official ACT or SAT test scores sent directly to Michigan Tech from the testing agency. Paper copies of scores are 
not considered official and are therefore not acceptable.
    3. College transcripts, if any college-level course work has been taken. Transcripts must be sent directly from the college to be considered official.
    4. Official final high school transcript indicating date of graduation.

International Students

Admissions Criteria
International Graduate Students
Masters and Ph.D. students must apply for admission through the Graduate School. There is no application fee.

International First-Year, Exchange, Transfer and ESL Students
Apply online. There is no application fee, rolling admissions.

International Undergraduate Admissions Procedure

  1. Complete the Michigan Tech Application for Admission any time up to one year before you plan to enroll. You may apply online or use our PDF admission application form. If you use the PDF form, it must be completed electronically, printed, and mailed to the IPS office.
  2. Send all other required documents.
  3. Satisfy US embassies’ requirements for visa issuance, including certification of financial support.
  4. Information, including a checklist and all necessary forms can be accessed at our website.

Academically eligible students who do not meet the English language proficiency requirements may be granted conditional admission by successfully completing our Intensive English as a Second Language program (IESL). If you score below the minimum required, you will automatically be considered for conditional admission. Applicants who are admitted to our Intensive English as a Second Language program may be eligible to enroll in University level courses with approval from the IESL advisor.

Preferred Application Deadlines
While there is no application deadline—applications are accepted on a rolling basis—we recommend that students follow the guidelines below:

Completed applications for admission for fall semester are due by April 1.
Completed applications for admission for spring semester are due by September 1.
*Note: we do not offer admission for summer semester

Incomplete applications will be considered for admission the following semester.

Admitted International Students
An applicant is admitted to Michigan Tech only when he or she has submitted all application materials and meets all eligibility requirements. The applicant will be sent an official acceptance letter, scholarship notification (if appropriate), and the I-20 or DS2019 and other important documents by regular airmail unless rush delivery is requested (and paid for) by the student.

Based on the required orientation schedule and the schedule of the Housing Office and Dining Halls, IPS recommends that you plan to arrive in Houghton as close as possible to the check-in date. We would like you to read and use the Pre-Arrival Information to plan and prepare for your travel to and stay at Michigan Tech. Pay special attention to the instructions for submitting your arrival information. Upon arrival to Michigan Tech's campus, accepted international students must report to the International Programs and Services (IPS) Office.

Enrollment Deposit
First-year and transfer students are required to pay a $100 Enrollment Deposit to secure course registration and housing assignments. So that we may properly plan for your arrival, we ask that you submit the deposit no later than 2 months before your intended term. Housing and course registration priority will be granted to students who submit the enrollment deposit.

Other Applicants for Admission

Guest Students
A student who is regularly enrolled in good standing at another institution may be admitted to Michigan Tech for one semester as a guest student. A student who wishes to register for two or more consecutive semesters must apply for admission as a transfer student.

To apply for guest-student admission, submit a Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application form to the Michigan Tech Admissions Office. The form may be obtained from the Admissions Office or from any other college or university in Michigan.

Nondegree Students

Application Procedure
Complete the free online application.

Nondegree-seeking students are not required to submit high school or college transcripts with their Application for Admission. However, if a nondegree-seeking student later desires to become degree seeking, they must satisfy the same requirements as regularly enrolled students and receive official approval from the Admissions Office.

High school students may be admitted to specific courses through the dual enrollment program with the permission of their high school.


Notification—Applicants will be notified of their admission status as soon as completed credentials are received and evaluated by the admissions staff—typically within two to three weeks.

Acceptance Packet—Upon acceptance to Michigan Tech, students receive information regarding the steps necessary to enroll as well as details about the enrollment deposit, housing and dining options, and orientation.

Former Students (Readmission)

Any undergraduate student who left the University on their own accord and has been away for at least 2 semesters must complete the Undergraduate Application for Readmission form if they would like to return to Michigan Tech.

If you have attended another institution since leaving Michigan Tech please have a copy of the final transcript sent to:

Michigan Technological University
Transfer Services
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton, MI 49931-1295

A student who has been suspended and requests to re-enter the University must submit a written petition to the Dean of Students Office prior to the semester for which the student requests readmission.