School of Business and Economics

Professional Blueprint

High-paying, high-tech jobs begin with a polished résumé, business etiquette, and a professional demeanor.

The School of Business and Economics charges itself with providing all business students with the blueprint for professional success. In the Professional Blueprint program, Huskies are recognized for:

  • Participating in career-advancing activities
  • Networking with business professionals
  • Getting involved in the campus and community
  • Broadening their perspective through internships and study abroad programs

Stand at Commencement with an honor cord distinction, recognizing dedication to personal career development.

To access the program, open your canvas app and click on the SBE Professional Blueprint program.  Instructions are on the front page.

"The Professional Blueprint program guides business and economics students into becoming well-rounded, polished, and prepared students ready for the workforce day one."Jodie Filpus-Paakola, coordinator of academic services, School of Business and Economics