Undergraduate Admissions

Enterprise Program

Work on real projects for real clients starting as early as your second year at Michigan Tech. Are you ready? We think so.

As a member of Michigan Tech's Enterprise Program, you'll meet the needs of real clients. You and your team members will design, build, and create as you develop skills sought by leaders in business and industry. Plus, develop leadership skills and build your resume, giving you project experiences to talk about as you interview for co-ops, internships, and full-time jobs—and compete for Enterprise awards.

There are 24 Enterprise teams and two Enterprise initiatives (manufacturing and business) to choose from. Here are a few:

Aerospace Enterprise

More than 50 students in the Aerospace Enterprise work together on innovative and relevant aerospace-related projects for government and industry. The team competes nationally in the University Nanosat-6 Competition to design and build a satellite to launch into space. Following the team's first-place finish in 2011, current members worked to prepare our Oculus-ASR Nanosatellite for launch on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy out of Cape Canaveral as part of the Department of Defense's Space Test Program. Mission accomplished! Put that on your resume!

Humane Interface Design Enterprise (HIDE)

The Humane Interface Design Enterprise (HIDE) focuses on software development and usability research, like comparing cognitive load while driving with Google Glass and Android, testing a prototype of Chrysler's U-Connect system, or building a crowd-sourced music selection web app for Winter Carnival.

Supermileage Systems Enterprise

A vehicle that gets 793 MPG? Crazy smart Michigan Tech students did it. Supermileage Systems Enterprise is responsible for the design, engineering, and fabrication of one-man, high-efficiency vehicles for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Supermileage Competition. Alternating between working on an internal combustion vehicle and a battery electric vehicle, the team goal is 500 kilometers per kilowatt hour or better.

Enterprise Business Initiative

The Enterprise Business Initiative is a cross-Enterprise, collaborative group of students interested in applying business processes within their Enterprise teams while enhancing their Enterprise projects. Open to all students enrolled in the Michigan Tech Enterprise Program, the initiative allows participating students a forum to discuss business topics with each other, enhance their own analysis, and develop conclusions and recommendations for projects within their Enterprise team.

Want to see more? Here's the full list of teams.

  • 24
    enterprise teams invent, pioneer, and serve
  • 800+
    students participate in The Enterprise Program
  • 40+
    sponsors supporting our Enterprise teams