McNair Hall

McNair Hall

McNair Hall has a great view of the Keweenaw Waterway. The two living units, East and West, are connected by the Dining Services Building. East McNair has five stories and offers a mix of double- and triple-occupancy rooms, while West McNair consists of two stories and offers exclusively triple-occupancy rooms. There are about 650 beds available for assignment across McNair Hall.


Bedroom featuring two loft beds with desks below.
Bedroom featuring two loft beds with desks below and a mirror on the wall.


Grill area in the dining hall.
Entree area in the dining hall.
Seating area in the dining hall.


Line of dryers along a wall.

Bathroom Example

Sinks and toilet stalls in the bathroom.
Shower stalls in the bathroom.
All Gender Bathroom door.
All gender restroom with the door open.


Sauna featuring benches and stove.

Front Desk, Lobby, and Mail Area

Full view of the lobby area.
Mailboxes around the front desk window.
Front desk window surrounded by mailboxes.
Computer stations in the lobby.


Kitchenette and dining area.

Fitness Area

Fitness room with free weights and weight benches.

Game Room

Lounge area in the game room.
Couches, chairs, and tables in the game room.
Billiards table in the game room.

Study Lounge

Doorway to the study lounge.
Study lounge with tables and chairs.
Tables and chairs by windows.
Couches around the fireplace.

Open Study Area

Open study area in McNair with chairs, couches and a TV
Open study area in McNair with a table and 4 chairs
open study area with chairs, tables and couches.

Study Room

Available closed door room for studying
Inside the study room

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