Cost of Attendance—Footnotes

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1 Students taking 12-18 credits per semester are charged the "plateau rate" listed above. Students taking less than 12 credits will be charged on a per credit basis (resident: $629, non-resident: $1,400). This per credit price also applies to any credit taken over 18 credits. Students attending during summer semester will be charged the per credit rate.

2 Students who have earned 60 or more credits, including transfer credit, credit earned through early college or dual enrollment, or AP, IB, or CLEP will be charged upper-division tuition. See the Cost of Attendance for details.

3 Required fees include Fall and Spring Activity Fee ($60) and Fall and Spring Experience Tech Fee ($96).

4 Room and board rates vary, depending on meal plan and residence hall assignment (see options).

5 The loan origination fees estimated above are only charged to those students receiving federal direct loans.

6 Tuition, fees, and room and board are payable each semester.

7 All international students must have health insurance while enrolled at Michigan Tech. Students are not required to purchase the Michigan Tech health insurance policy if they provide proof of comparable coverage.

Note: International students are assessed a $250 per semester surcharge (excluding summer semester).