Co-ops and Internships

Tech students learn by doing. And one of the best ways to determine whether a major is right for you is to try it. Co-ops and internships help you determine if you're on the right career path and give valuable insight into your future professional life.

More than 415 companies visit Michigan Tech annually to recruit students for internships, co-ops, and full-time employment in 28 industry sectors. In the past three years, students were placed in co-op experiences in 33 states, earning an average salary of more than $22 per hour.

Co-ops and Internships—What's the Difference and Which Opportunity is Right For You?


Internships are generally offered in the summer, and while you'll be paid well and earn professional on-the-job experience, you won't earn college credit for your experience. An internship is arranged by you and a company.


Co-ops are typically during a fall or spring semester and often extend to include the summer prior to (for fall) or following (for summer) the academic semester. In addition to working full-time, you'll earn academic credit. Employers must provide you with challenging paid work related to your major.

A co-op experience may delay your time to graduate. However, you will gain valuable experience—and save and pay for—future semesters of school through your earned wages.

Interested? Talk with staff in Career Services to develop a strategy designed to add value to your time at Tech through real experiences that are best for you.

  • $21+
    co-op students have an average hourly salary of more than $20
  • 28
    companies recruit students across 28 industry sectors
  • 33
    last three years, students were placed in co-op experiences in 33 states