University Marketing and Communications

UMC Photo Database (Cumulus)

University Marketing and Communications is able to give out web-based access to our photo database, called Cumulus, on a limited basis to Michigan Tech departments. Users are able to view all of our photos from the last five years and request downloads of specific photos. Once access to specific photos is granted, they can be used for Michigan Tech department websites and publications.

Request Access


Instructions for Use

You must be on the Michigan Tech network or connected to the VPN to access the site.

  1. Go to the Web Module.
  2. Sign in with the User Name and Password provided to you.
  3. There are thumbnails of photos in the middle of the screen.
    1. Click on a photo to see more information about it or enlarge it.
    2. There is a search box in the upper right area that can be used to narrow your search.
    3. You can change the sort preferences by clicking on the "Preferences" link above the advanced search box and to the left of the Logout link.
  4. To request access to specific photos, save them to a "collection," which is a shareable folder within Cumulus.
    1. There will be an icon just below each of the photo thumbnails of four boxes with a plus in the corner. Click on it to add that photo to the collection.
    2. For the first photo you add to the collection, choose the Create collection option, give it a descriptive name, and click the Shared checkbox. Then click Add records.
    3. For additional photos, select the Add to existing collection option and select the collection that you named for the first photo.
  5. Email with the name of your collection and who the photos should be shared with if it is someone other than yourself. UMC staff will download the photos you selected and share them with you via Google Drive where you can download and use them.