UMC Photo Database

University Marketing and Communications is able to give out web-based access to our photo database, called Cumulus Simple, on a limited basis to Michigan Tech employees. Users are able to view and download all of our photos from the last five years. These photos can be used for Michigan Tech department needs such as websites, publications, and social media. You must have a Michigan Tech user ID and password in order to access the system.

Non-employee Access Request

If you are a Michigan Tech employee, including student employees, you already have access to the system. For all other users, such as students who are not employed on campus or contractors with a Michigan Tech user ID, please request access using this form.


Instructions for Use

Sign In

  1. Go to the Web Module.
  2. Sign in with your Michigan Tech user ID and password.

User Preferences

  1. Click on Preferences in the upper right.
  2. You can change your default settings for
    1. how photos are sorted,
    2. the sort direction,
    3. the number of rows visible on a page,
    4. and the size of the slides.
  3. Below the Preferences menu and page numbers, there is a Zoom option. Clicking on Zoom and moving the slider will change the size of the thumbnail images.

Photo Information

  1. There are thumbnails of photos in the middle of the screen.
  2. Hover over an image and click on the "i" icon to see more information about it or enlarge it. The Info window includes
    1. a large view of the image,
    2. the record name,
    3. file format,
    4. list of categories,
    5. captured date,
    6. keywords,
    7. and photographer.


  1. Use the Search box at the top of the screen to search. Press enter or click on the magnifying glass to execute your search.
  2. By default, the system will search in Keywords, Notes, Photographer, and Record Name. You can change these search in... options by clicking on the Options (three line icon to the right of the search box) and expanding the Search in... menu. Check or uncheck the fields you would like to search in.
  3. Use the Advanced menu under the Options to search specific information in multiple fields, using and/or operators.
  4. Click the Show All button next to the search box to remove your search and see all photos. 
  5. You can also search by preset filters by expanding the Categories or Tags menus to the left of the thumbnails. Expand further categories and tags using the arrow to the left of their name or click on one to display the photos with that preset filter.

Download Photos

  1. To download photos one at a time, click the Download icon (it looks like an arrow above a line) for that photo. This will download it to your computer where you can use it.
  2. To download many photos at once, there are a couple options.
    1. You can select multiple photos from your screen by holding the command or Ctrl button while clicking. There will then be a Download link in the upper left, just above the thumbnails. 
    2. You can add them to your Basket using the shopping cart icon on each image or by selecting multiple images and clicking Add to Basket in the upper left, just above the thumbnails. You can add images from multiple searches to this Basket in order to download all at once. When ready to download, click on the Basket tab under the Michigan Tech logo, press command/Ctrl + A to select all of your images, and click the Download link in the upper left, just above the thumbnails. Your basket will be emptied upon Logout.