Promote Your Michigan Tech Event

You're planning an event, and you want people to show up. We get it and are here to help. The first question:

Is your event targeting an external audience like alumni, research partners, or prospective students?

For External Audiences

  • You’ll want to first add the event to the Michigan Tech Events Calendar.
  • Then contact University Marketing and Communications.
    • The news staff will want to know who, what, when, where, and how, and any additional information you can provide, as long as it's two or more weeks out.
  • Depending on how your event fits UMC directives and strategy, we may partner with you to create a news or Unscripted story, media alert, Tech Today post, social media post, and/or other media.

For Internal Audiences

If your event is internal, meaning you’re reaching on-campus students, staff, and faculty,

  • Please add your event to our Events Calendar
  • Submit your event to our campus newsletter, Tech Today, via our submission form.
    • If the event is only for students, Tech Today will not publish it, as the newsletter targets faculty and staff.

Additional Ideas and Tactics

Here are additional promotion ideas and tactics your area can try. Remember to ramp efforts up about two weeks prior to the event. And don’t forget to track how promotion efforts pay off.

Digital Promotion

  • Blog post
  • Departmental website updates
  • Email blast
  • Facebook event page
  • Paid, targeted social media ads
  • Short video
  • Social media posts
  • The Student Scoop

On-Campus Promotion

  • Event ambassadors
  • Flyers
  • Newsletter
  • Postcards
  • Table tents

Social Media Promotion

If you have any questions about social media promotion, please email You can also download and reference our social media field guide.

Planning Accessible Events

When planning your event, remember to take accessibility into account and include accessibility information in your promotional material. Equal Opportunity Compliance provides guidelines for planning accessible events.