Social Sciences—BS

A Degree with Options

Have you ever wondered what forces shape human behavior and social norms, or how cultures are formed? Are you an avid “people watcher,” fascinated by how we interact and communicate? Perhaps you are intrigued by political science and the governmental sphere, or maybe you are interested in history and how our ancestors lived. You can explore all of this—and more—at Michigan Tech with the Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences.

Our faculty’s areas of focus include archaeology, anthropology, geography, history, political science, and sociology. All of these social sciences share the goal of understanding how human behavior is organized and how it changes over time.

While gaining an outstanding foundation in the social sciences, you will diversify your studies with course work in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) and laboratory science, as well as in the humanities and fine arts. You can study philosophy or art history as electives, for example. The spectacular, broad-based liberal education you receive at Tech will prepare you to succeed not only in a rewarding profession, but also in your everyday life.

Customize Your Degree

The social sciences curriculum is adaptable to your personal interests and needs. You can design your own BS in Social Sciences or choose from two predefined concentrations: law and society or secondary education.

Degree audit forms with a breakdown of required and elective courses for each major can be found here.

Career Pathways

The well-rounded undergraduate education offered by our social sciences program sets up students for success in graduate school, law school, management, and a myriad of professions—allowing you to set your sights high and follow your passions.